June 13, 2021

Can perfumes be better with age?

There are many perfumers in the world and many of them betting that fragrance gets better with time. Julian Bedel a well known perfumer had made a perfume which is based on the smell of outer space and Tsiolkovsky. Its price is 394 dollar for just a 100 millilitre bottle. It’s name is equation.

He looked like an artist untill 2010 when he wore chambray shirt and jeans, shaved head and nicely trimmed beard. He said himself a “nerd”. Before the release of this perfume a tall blonde women came in and announced, “I’m so happy to be back home… I want more of that perfume called Yakeñ.” Bedel also responded to her and then as expected she also responded to Bedel. Yakeñ was a perfume with fruity aroma. It was made from paramela plant which gives fruity smell in yakeñ. This inspire Bedel to launch it’s new vi tage collection.

Which will be the fueguia’s first vintage collection. In Tokyo several consumers were complaining about the perfume. As there are difference between the same perfume of different batches. Instead of rejecting this perfume the consumer responded genuinely. They asked for the older bottles just to smell like they used to smelled.

Perfume in bottles over white background
Perfume in bottles over white background

So Bedel starts to label the wooden blocks by his own. But what Bedel is doing is based on old wisdom. But the truth is Perfumes goes bad as they aged. They get degraded as they exposed to heat, light and air. The top layer fades away leaving the core material of Perfumes. And among all the materials used in perfumes, citrus fades fastest. So therefore the experts of beauty and fragrance are stick to a saying “wear it while it’s hot”. This means that use your perfume wisely and in time.

But Bedel was not alone in all these. Mindy Yang was also like Bedel. She also gets complaints of her costumer about the difference in smell. And they also demanded the older bottles. In Yang’s shop you have to pay 20 dollars and then you can smell 30 scents and then you can take the small vial of their favourite scent. To make things more cheeky she sometimes put a forgetten scents along with the well known perfumes.</

“Some old fragrances hold together pretty well and don’t degrade that quickly,” she says. “And then you have some bottles where it is like wine. Someone buys a vintage bottle in some secondary market for a lot of money. And they open it and it’s undrinkable. It is a crapshoot when you buy something like that.”

There are collecters all over the world who collects perfumes inspite of the fact that it can get bad with time as it can lose it’s original smell. Some of them often get cheated as they were looking for the right thing but at the wrong place. Some of the collectors collect all the perfumes of different batches just to see the changes occured in the smell of same perfume by time. Many well known perfumes loses it’s smell as they aged. Calvin Klein’s Eternity, which debuted in 1988, does not smell the same as it used to do in 1988. Now the collectors and the die hard fan of this perfume is now looking for the bottle manufactured before 2005. Just to get indulged in nostalgia.

There are collectors who does not collect perfumes for their scents, no, they goes for the packaging. They are also called as bottle collector. “That’s how I got into wearing Chanel’s Sycomore and Guerlain’s Jicky,” says self-proclaimed bottle collector and Perfumarie customer Jim Kalinka, who once worked for Andy Warhol at Interview magazine before becoming a fixture at the Palace Hotel, where he was Michael Jackson’s and Elizabeth Taylor’s concierge.

David Apel, a senior perfumer at the beauty behemoth Symrise suggests that a perfume who is on the shelf have a life of not more than 18 months to 2 years. Perfume which is made up of natural scents fades faster and gets mutated much faster also. This lead to the lateration smell of the scents. There are other perfumers who manufactured perfume by using some synthetics which give perfume a bit more structure and consistency than the natural one. There is also a substance called atomizer which is used in perfume to make it more consistent and the perfume having atomizer hold up a bit longer than any other perfumes.

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