June 13, 2021

Perfumes in Cosmetic Products could be harsh on your Skin

Nowadays using cosmetics product is a daily habit of people, specially women. Day without makeup is not a good day. Cosmetic products is helpful for those who have skin problems like dryness, oily and many other problems. To get rid of this people often use cosmetic products. Many cosmetic manufacturer see this as an opportunity to add some thing special to increase the efficiency of their products. People will also try their product if they are getting more from what they want.

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Some manufacturers add up some type of fragrances in their cosmetics products to increase its texture and give their users an extra touch ups. Many people are happy with that without knowing the I’ll effect of the perfume which was added in their cosmetics products. Yes, you heard it right. It can be harsh on your gentle skin and may give you irritations bad Burns and many more discomfort to worry about.

In human body there is network of nerves which responds to our environment. The nerves which respond when we smell something are called olfactory nerves. And it did not like the fragrance present in your cosmetic products. When it responds it will make your skin red may give you sneezes and if the conditions goes bad it may give you a long lasting skin problems. So be careful when you are using your cosmetics.

You should avoid the allergens presents in your cosmetics. You may take a note of the material which is allergens for you. But, you know that the marketers are very clever, they sometimes did not write the substance which give fragrance and rather write just “fragrance”. So be careful when you are using these type of cosmetics. Fragrances are added to the cosmetics when they want to give their product a good smell or when they have to hide the smell of active material present in their cosmetics. Common examples of such products include lip balms, lipsticks, toners, makeup wipes and more.

Using these products with fragrances may increase the problem which they were supposed to correct it. Let’s take an example of lip balm. It has menthol, which is good for your lips as they have cooling effect. But, it may get bad on your lips causing irritation and redness. One substance, different effect depending on your type of skin.

“Fragrance molecules are small and penetrate the skin, but also then react with the skin’s own proteins to create foreign molecules that the immune system reacts to. Therefore, you need to be very careful about using fragrance around the eyes and lips,” Dr. Tom Mammone, the executive director of skin physiology and pharmacology in Clinique’s (a sensitive skin oriented brand) R&D department, told New York Magazine.

There is no regulations in use of fragrance in cosmetics in India While the Bureau of India Standards has regulations in place for fragrances as an independent entity. Some manufacturers makes their products from natural substances mich make them smell like fragrance- free. But, for your knowledge, natural substances may also be irritants to your skin.

This is just a type of marketing to sell their product as much as they can. Some manufacturers also say that their product does not have perfume as it does not smell so. But the truth is that they use some chemicals to give their product a smell which seems like it does not smell at all. Sometimes the fragrances are also added to mask up the smell of degraded product which get destroyed due this unlihht and air. Some cosmetics which you apply by using your hands also have fragrances which masks up the smell of degraded substances which gets destroyed when you put your hand in it.

It doesn’t mean that you should give up on all cosmetic products. No. The bad effect of fragrance present in cosmetic products doffer person by person. You may and may not have the bad effect of fragrance depending on your skin type. The best way to know if a particular product is or isn’t an allergen is to test it on a small, nondescript area of the body before using it. Be cautious with products used on the skin near the eyes and the lips, as they are especially sensitive.

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